Radulfr – Rauli Häyrynen

Web presence


Multiverse – Universe – Laniakea Supercluster – Virgo Supercluster – Local Group – Milky Way – Orion–Cygnus Arm – Local Bubble – Local Insterstellar Cloud – Solar System – Earth – Northern hemisphere – Eurasia – Europe – Nordic countries – Finland – Southern Finland – Päijät-Häme – Lahti sub-region – Heinola

I am also a resident of the ausome world of Takiwātanga.


Pronunciation (IPA): [ˈrɑu̯li ˈhæy̯ryne̞n]

Rauli comes from the Old Norse name Ráðúlfr [ˈrɑːðˌuːl.fr] ‘counsel wolf’. Häyrynen comes from the Finnish word häyry ‘carbon monoxide, fume’. It was probably a surname for a slightly crazy person.

My usual nick around the web, radulfr, is simplified from the Old Norse name. On Instagram that name was already taken; the Sanskrit word वनेचरः vanecaraḥ [ʋɐneːt͜ɕɐɽɐh] means ‘wandering or dwelling in a forest, ascetic, sage’. I love forests and I have liked that word ever since I saw it in a dictionary.

State of the world since I was born

temperature14.25 °C14.80 °CNOAAannual global average
T anomaly+0.35 °C+0.90 °CNOAAfrom 20th century average
CO₂343 ppm417 ppmNOAA
CH₄~1631 ppb1911 ppbNOAAextrapolated (data starts 1984)

Neurotype and personality

  • autistic Diagnosed 2021. I'm still trying to figure out who I really am.
  • male/autigender He/him, but they/them is fine too.
  • Kinsey scale 1 or 2
  • ISFJ/INTJ/? I usually have a hard time getting a clear result in tests like this.


  • languages, writing systems, words, names, etymology
  • nature, plants, rocks, space
  • photography
  • maps, floor plans, graphs
  • computers, programming
  • piano, J-pop, classical music, film music, ragtime
  • small objects like coins, keys, locks, paperclips, jewellery, found items
  • numbers I tend to remember them well. I've memorised pi to 100 decimal places.

Social media

If you follow me, I may or may not follow you back. If I don't follow, it's not because of you, but because I'm already overwhelmed by the number of posts I read daily. I love the autistic community on social media and I appreciate every follower, even if I can't do it back.